Far-right extremists sent bomb threat to Berlin Mosque
December 6, 2019
Faith Associates Invited To Norway For Expert Meeting On Understanding Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes and Security Needs of Muslim Communities
December 15, 2019

Attending European Policy Group in Brussels presenting to 18 EU member states on Mosque Security

We have been fortunate enough to have been invited by the European Commission to travel to Brussels to speak at the EU over the past month related to protecting places of worship.
On the 7th October 2019 we presented the work we have been doing on Mosque Security in the UK in front of the EU commission and CSO organisations from across Europe, sharing best practices and experiences.
We were invited again on the 2nd December 2019 to the European Commission to the EU Policy Group on the protection of public spaces, composed of the representatives of EU Member States. Faith Associates were one of two organisations to present their work in protecting places of worship in front of the member states, sharing best practices directly with them and the importance of cooperation across the continent.

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