Places of Worship Security Scheme – Application LIVE

The government has boosted funding for places of worship security to £1.6 million. Faith institutions are able to apply and receive support in purchasing security they need to keep their congregants safe. The funding boost, announced in a written ministerial statement, comes after the terror attack in Christchurch claimed the lives of 50 people and injured 40 more. Following the incident, police presence was stepped up at mosques across the UK to reassure communities fearful of similar attacks.

Faith Associates were commissioned by The Home Secretary, Sajid Javid MP to provide Mosque Security training to Mosques across the UK. We started our Mosque security training on 18th April and have currently provided bespoke training to Mosques in over 20 cities across the country.

To increase uptake in the fund and ensure it reaches those most vulnerable to hate crime, the bidding process has been simplified so organisations no longer have to prove they have previously experienced a hate crime incident directly.

As part of the 2018 Hate Crime Action Plan refresh we committed to a fourth year of funding for the Places of Worship Protective Security Funding Scheme. Over the first three years of the scheme more than 130 places of worship have been awarded grants to install measures such as protective alarms, security lighting and access controls.

We have made improvements to this year’s scheme to make it easier for places of worship and associated faith community centres to apply.  This includes removing the need for applicants to find their own quotes for security measures; instead applicants will benefit from a central supplier for assessments, quotes and installation. In addition we have opened the scheme to include faith community centres, and broadened the eligibility criteria so that applicants no longer need to show they have already experienced hate crime.  Instead the test will be vulnerability to hate crime.

Further details of the funding scheme and how to apply are provided via the link below.

You can find today’s announcement at

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