Strips of bacon were left on the door handle of Dunfermline Central Mosque and Islamic Centre in a racist attack over the first weekend in May.

It’s being treated as a hate crime and happened sometime in the early hours at the Woodmill Road site. Police Scotland are currently investigating.

In a statement on Facebook the mosque said: “We are disappointed to report that the mosque was attacked over the weekend and bacon left on one of the doors.

“This act was a deliberate symbol of hatred chosen as Muslims and Jews do not eat pork.

“With all the positive work we have been doing to highlight we are all Scots and all the same, and our volunteers having put in so much effort to open our doors to all with our open days including the ‘put the kettle on event’ last month and ‘race against racism’ on Saturday, the vast majority of people of Dunfermline have shown us nothing but love and support.

“We had ourselves felt that we did not face the same issues and hatred as other parts of the UK suffer from, and it has left us all shocked.

“We recognise this hatred is driven via social media and continue to work with local and national government in how we all tackle the issue.

“It’s a shame that a minority within society want to only promote hatred and fear, who refuse to engage and get to know us, but we do recognise it is just a minority of people with this hatred of others.

“It highlights to us and other local agencies that we all have much more work to do to reach out to more people and show them the truth of Islam and that we do not support or endorse extremism and by only working together can we all hopefully eradicate all extremism in our society and make all Fifers feel safe.

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“We also ask our Muslim community to be vigilant with Ramadan approaching and to also not worry as the police will be stepping up policing around the mosque and advising us on extra security measures to take.

“Our message to the haters is we are not intimidated, we shall not be bullied and this only motivates us to do more and reach out to our neighbours in Dunfermline.

“Ignorance and hate will never divide us.”

Members of the mosque had been partaking in a ‘race against racism’ day on Saturday on the High Street.

The Church of Scotland’s Presbytery of Dunfermline has condemned the attack.

Rev Dr Iain Greenshields, clerk to Dunfermline Presbytery, said: “We abhor the actions of this minority in Dunfermline, which is a very tolerant society, and offer our unstinting support to our Muslim neighbours.”

Local police will be increasing patrols around the mosque during the month of Ramadan.

Source: Dunfermline Press: