footage has emerged of two women putting bacon on a mosque’s door and pouring alcohol inside the building before running away laughing.

A video circulating on social media shows the pair filming themselves as they target the Madina Mosque and Islamic Centre in Stansfield Street in Oldham, Greater Manchester.

The women can be seen leaving what they claim is bacon on the handles of the mosque door before running away laughing hysterically.

Worshippers can then be heard praying inside the mosque as the yobs joke about ‘slapping [the bacon] on the windows’ before putting it on the door handles.

When a bystander challenges them for ‘drinking alcohol’ outside the mosque they apologise and claim they are ‘just waiting for somebody’.

The Mosque has reported the indecent to the police, and the CCTV cameras in place meant they were able to produce evidence of the attack.

Installing Alarms and Cameras is essential for the safety of your Mosque, where possible, they can be connected to the police and fire departments helping prevent attacks, or can provide evidence after an attack to ensure the perpetrator is held accountable and does not recommit.


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