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August 14, 2020
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Mosque Attacked in Blackburn – Mosque Security Training

Thieves dragged a heavy safe containing cash and valuable documents out of a Blackburn mosque.

The Masjid-e-Rizwan was counting the cost of the burglary which also saw extensive damage done to windows, doors and the exterior fencing.

The incident is believed to have taken place on Sunday evening at the mosque in Newton Street.

The safe, which mosque members said would take at least five people to move, was dragged out of the main entrance and then across the garden and lifted over a metal fence which had been prised open.

It contained cash totalling approximately £5,000 and valuable mosque documents.

Mosque president Dr Siraj Parker said: “This has caused a huge amount of damage to the mosque. The safe is located in the main prayer hall and was dragged outside.

“They have also bent a metal fence through which to lift the safe.

“The safe contained cash donations as well as important documents such as marriage certificates and records. These are irreplaceable certificates.

As a result of the incident, Lancashire Council of Mosques alongside Faith Associates, Mosque Security and Lancashire Police are holding a Mosque Security training session this Friday LIVE on Lancashire Council of Mosques facebook page, helping supporting Mosques from hate crime

Source: Lancashire Telegraph

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