In the ongoing trial of Mohammed Abbkr, who stands accused of committing arson attacks outside mosques in West London and Birmingham, prosecutors unfolded a harrowing narrative surrounding the alleged incidents. Abbkr, a 29-year-old from Gillot Road, Edgbaston, faces charges including two counts of attempted murder and two alternative counts of administering a destructive substance with intent to endanger life.

One of the incidents involved Hashi Odowa, an 82-year-old regular worshipper at West Ealing Islamic Centre. The court heard that on the 27th of February, after evening prayers, Abbkr followed Mr. Odowa from the mosque entrance, engaging in a conversation in which the defendant insisted that Odowa knew him, a claim Odowa refuted. Upon reaching a vehicle where another mosque attendee, Fahad Khan, awaited Odowa, Abbkr allegedly sprayed a pale-colored liquid, identified as petrol, aiming for Odowa’s head. Despite Mr. Khan’s intervention, Abbkr reportedly struck a lighter, ignited the petrol, and left the scene.

The chilling detail emerged that Abbkr had brought the petrol in a clear plastic water bottle to the mosque that evening. The defendant uttered ominous words, stating, “I swear in the name of Allah, in the name of God, you will know me.” Following this, he carried out the shocking act of setting Mr. Odowa on fire before calmly walking away.

The trial continues, with Abbkr vehemently denying all charges. The court proceedings aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the alleged incidents and determine the legal consequences for the accused.

Source: MyLondon