Mosque Security Assessment Service – Community Safety First

Mosques and Islamic Centers are facing increased security risks, including vandalism and theft, on-site security breaches, and unfortunately terrorist attacks. Scuring your building is more important than ever.

An in-depth risk assessment and analysis are crucial steps in effective site security planning. Following an in-depth Mosque Security training session, we will help you assess and determine the likelihood and consequences of a security issue or gap, and help you prioritize the appropriate protective actions to take. The steps we take are broken down below:

  • Provide a Mosque security and safety workshop to Mosques managements / volunteers across the UK working with our partners and stakeholders in different regions.
  • Organise security and safety audit / inspection visits to each Mosque / Madrassah / Islamic centre where will be running a workshop in.
  • Producing detailed feedback reports on potential security risks areas of improvement to consider (support included to implement these improvement measures).
  • Sign posting to local and national contacts that support and improved security measure and spread counter narratives to hate on our networks.

Identifying the Mosque’s assets is also a critical part in this overall assessment. People assets include more than just the employees. They also include visitors, the surrounding community and others associated with the institution. Property assets range from building, utilities, equipment and systems. Informational assets are computer systems, processes and confidential Mosque and employee information.

The various assessments we will provide are designed to help you identify the risks and target vulnerable assets in each category.

Below is a breakdown of the headings we will assess at your Mosque, helping put a plan in place:

  • Risk Assessment [strength, weakness, action plan].
  • Management policies [strengths, weakness, action plan].
  • Physical security [strengths, weakness, action plan].
  • Access control [strengths, weakness, action plan].
  • Employee security [strengths, weakness, action plan].
  • Information security [strengths, weakness, action plan].
  • Material security [strengths, weakness, action plan].
  • Emergency response [strengths, weakness, action plan].
  • Crisis communication [strengths, weakness, action plan].
  • Reviews/Audits